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April/May: Excel, Outlook, Windows 10
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Gorge Solution Partners (GSP) is a cooperating alliance of services providers whose purpose is to help grow and improve the economic climate in the greater Gorge area by helping businesses transition their IT to the cloud using SaaS (Software as a Service) approaches.

We employ our talents and capabilities to help you achieve:

Scalability Grow faster from any size, small to large.
Communication Unified digital platforms for email, voice, video.
Remote Workforce Collaborate efficiently, anytime and anywhere.
Data Management Collect, consolidate, store, and access all your data.
Business Intelligence Analyze, visualize, and share key objectives and results.
Document Management Organize, version, share, track all your documents.
Knowledge Management Train personnel, capture and catalog domain knowledge.
Business Continuity Backup data, recover quickly from incidents.
Security Safeguard ALL company data, premises, personnel.

Gorge Solution Partners is: